Provided by: sawfish_1.11.90-1.1_amd64 bug


       sawfish — Sawfish window manager.




       Sawfish  is  a  lisp-extensible  window  manager for X11. Its aim is to allow all areas of
       window management (decoration, manipulation) to be customized as far as is  possible,  yet
       still remain as fast as existing window managers.


                 Disable internationalization of messages.

                 Load the Lisp file FILE (from the cwd if possible, implies --batch).

                 Batch mode: process options and exit.

                 Interpreted mode: don't load compiled Lisp files.

       -f, --call FUNCTION
                 Call Lisp function FUNCTION.

       -l, --load FILE
                 Load the file of Lisp forms called FUNCTION.

       --version Print version details.

       --no-rc   Don't load rc or site-init files.

       -q, --quit
                 Terminate the interpreter process.

                 Support keyboard layout switching, but drop mouse buttons 6 - 8 support.

       --replace Replace the running window manager with Sawfish.

   Display Options
                 Connect to X display DPY.

                 Fork a copy of sawfish for each screen.

                 Preferred VISUAL type.

                 Preferred color DEPTH.

   Customization Files Options
       --custom-file FILE
                 Overrides the default custom file ~/.sawfish/custom.

       --window-history-file FILE
                 Overrides the default window history file ~/.sawfish/window-history.

       --no-rc   Do not load the rc file.

   Session Management Options
       --sm-client-id ID

       --sm-prefix PREFIX

   Debugging Option
       --sync    Read src/display.c. Don't use it unless you're sure.


       Sawfish is documented fully by John Harper       available via the Info system.


       This  manual  page  was  written  by Christian Marillat for the Debian
       GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).