Provided by: spambayes_1.1b1+git20190201.1335ca8-1_all bug

NAME - Bayes database export/import


       This  utility  has  the  primary  function of exporting and importing a spambayes database
       into/from a CSV file.  This is useful in a number of scenarios.

              Platform portability of database - CSV files can be exported  and  imported  across
              platforms (Windows and Linux, for example).

              Database  implementation  changes  -  databases can survive database implementation
              upgrades or new database implementations.  For example,  if  a  dbm  implementation
              changes between python x.y and python x.y+1...

              Database  reorganization  -  an  export  followed  by  an import reorgs an existing
              database,  <theoretically>  improving  performance,  at  least  in  some   database

              Database  sharing  - it is possible to distribute particular databases for research
              purposes, database sharing purposes, or for new users to have a 'seed' database  to
              start with.

              Database  merging  -  multiple  databases  can  be  merged into one quite easily by
              specifying -m on an import.  This  will  add  the  two  database  nham  and  nspams
              together and for wordinfo conflicts, will add spamcount and hamcount together.

              sb_dbexpimp [options]


       -e     : export

       -i     : import

              -f:  FN  :  flat file to export to or import from -p: FN : name of pickled database
              file to use -d: FN : name of dbm database file to use -m     : merge import into an
              existing database file.  This is

              meaningful  only  for  import. If omitted, a new database file will be created.  If
              specified, the imported wordinfo will be merged into  an  existing  database.   Run
              dbExpImp -h for more information.

              -o: section:option:value :

              set [section, option] in the options database to value

       -h     : help

       If  neither -p nor -d is specified, then the values in your configuration file (or failing
       that, the defaults) will be used.  In this way,  you  may  convert  to  and  from  storage
       formats other than pickle and dbm.

              Export pickled mybayes.db into mybayes.db.export as a CSV file

              sb_dbexpimp -e -p mybayes.db -f mybayes.db.export

              Import mybayes.db.export into a new DBM mybayes.db

              sb_dbexpimp -i -d mybayes.db -f mybayes.db.export

              Convert a bayes database from pickle to DBM

              sb_dbexpimp  -e  -p  abayes.db  -f  abayes.export  sb_dbexpimp  -i  -d abayes.db -f

              Create a new DBM database (newbayes.db) from two

              DBM databases (abayes.db, bbayes.db) sb_dbexpimp -e -d abayes.db  -f  abayes.export
              sb_dbexpimp  -e  -d  bbayes.db  -f  bbayes.export  sb_dbexpimp -i -d newbayes.db -f
              abayes.export sb_dbexpimp -i -m -d newbayes.db -f bbayes.export


       The full documentation for option is maintained as a Texinfo  manual.   If  the  info  and
       option programs are properly installed at your site, the command

              info option

       should give you access to the complete manual.