Provided by: scamper_20181219-1_amd64 bug


     sc_ipiddump — utility to dump IP-ID values embedded in ping, traceroute, and dealias objects
     in warts files.


     sc_ipiddump [-i ips] [-O options] [-U userid] [file ...]


     The sc_ipiddump utility dumps the IP-ID values embedded in IPv4 and IPv6 responses to ping,
     traceroute, and dealias objects.  The output contains the transit and receive timestamps,
     the source address used by scamper when probing, the interface address which replied, and
     the IPID value (in hexadecimal).  The objects are sorted by transmit time.  The supported
     options to sc_ipiddump are as follows:

     -i ip   restricts the selection of source addresses to those with the given IP address(es).

     -O options
             allows the behavior of sc_ipiddump to be further tailored.  The current choice for
             this option is:
               -  notrace: do not parse traceroutes for IPID values.

     -U userid
             restricts the selection of warts objects to those with the given userid(s).


     Given an input file foo.warts, the following command dumps IP-ID values found in objects
     with userid values 3 and 4:

           sc_ipiddump -U 3,4 foo.warts

     Given an input file foo.warts.gz, the following command dumps IP-ID values found in
     responses from IP address

           zcat foo.warts.gz | sc_ipiddump -i -


     scamper(1), sc_wartsdump(1), sc_warts2text(1), sc_warts2json(1)


     sc_ipiddump was written by Matthew Luckie <>.