Provided by: scim-im-agent_1.4.18-2.1_amd64 bug


       scim-im-agent  —  scim-im-agent  was previously known as scim-bridge and is yet another IM
       client of SCIM. The im-module of scim-im-agent communicates with scim via socket.


       scim-im-agent; [-h --help]  [-v--verbose]  [-q--quiet]  [-b--debugflags]  [-l--debuglevel]
       [-standalone--standalone]  [-n--noexit]


       This manual page documents briefly the scim-im-agent command.

       This manual page was written for the Debian distribution because the original program does
       not have a manual page.


       The program follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with  two
       dashes (`-').  A summary of options is included below.

       -h           --help
                 Give this help list.

       -v           --verbose
                 Verbosely print out the debug message into standard output.This option equals to
                 '--debuglevel=9 --debugflags=all'.

       -q           --quiet
                 Make it print no debug message at  all.This  option  equals  to  '--debuglevel=0

       -b           --debugflags
                 Set  which  category  of debug output do you need.Select one or more from 'all',
                 'none', 'agent', 'messenger', 'imcontext', and 'scim'.

       -l           --debuglevel
                 Set how verbosely  should  it  print  debug  output.'--debuglevel=0'  equals  to
                 '--quiet', and '--debuglevel=9' equals to '--verbose'.

       -standalone           --standalone
                 Given this, scim-brige-agent won't daemonize itself.

       -n           --noexit
                 Given this, scim-brige-agent won't exit when there is no client.


       scim-bridge was originally written by Ryo Dairiki.

       This  manual  page  was  written  by Zhengpeng Hou for the Debian
       system (but may be used by others).  Permission is  granted  to  copy,  distribute  and/or
       modify  this  document  under  the  terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2 any
       later version published by the Free Software Foundation.

                                                                 SCIM-IM-AGENT AKA SCIM-BRIDGE(1)