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       screenruler - a graphical ruler to measure objects on screen




       ScreenRuler  is  a  simple  graphical  ruler  which  allows  you  to measure horizontal or
       vertically any object on screen  using  different  metric  systems  (pixels,  centimetres,
       inches, picas, points or as a percentage).

       It  was  created for GNOME desktops and can be controled either using the mouse or, if you
       need more precision, with the keyboard. If you need it, it also has an option to  keep  on
       top of other windows.


       As  already  said, ScreenRuler is a graphical application, and as such it takes no command
       line options. All configuration must be done using its GTK interface.


       ScreenRuler was created by Ian McIntosh <> and  this  manual  page  was
       written by Siegfried-A. Gevatter <>.


       ScreenRuler has been released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.

                                           May 4, 2008                             SCREENRULER(1)