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       ScrollZ - An advanced ircII-based IRC client


       scrollz  [-4] [-6] [-c chan] [-p portno] [-f] [-F] [-h host] [-H host] [-C name] [-s] [-S]
       [-n] [-d] [-q] [-a] [-b] [-l file] [-I file] [-L file] [nickname] [serverlist]


       ScrollZ is advanced IRC client based on ircII code. It adds  features  normally  found  in
       ircII scripts.

       The  main  difference  between  these scripts and ScrollZ is the code. Where ircII scripts
       take a lot of disk and memory space and run slow, ScrollZ only takes  a  couple  of  extra
       kilobytes  compared  to stock ircII client yet runs faster than any ircII script. This was
       accomplished by using C code instead of ircII scripting language. This reduces memory  and
       CPU  usage  and  code  tends  to  run  faster.  ScrollZ includes features such as built-in
       userlist, shitlist, improved  scripting,  Blowfish  based  encryption,  features  for  IRC
       operators and user friendly features such as completion for nicks and channels.


       -4     Use IPv4 protocol when connecting to a server.

       -6     Use IPv6 protocol when connecting to a server.

       -c channel
              Joins channel on startup

       -p port
              Default server connection port (usually 6667)

       -f     Your terminal uses flow controls (^S/^Q), so ScrollZ shouldn't

       -F     Your terminal doesn't use flow control (default)

       -h,-H host
              Use host as source address (for virtual hosting)

       -C name
              Cloak process as name

       -S/-s  Do/don't use separate server processes (ircio)

       -n     Do not connect to a server on startup

       -d     Runs ScrollZ in "dumb" terminal mode

       -q     Does not load .scrollzrc or .scrollzquick

       -a     Adds default servers and command line servers to server list

       -b     Load .scrollzrc before connecting to a server

       -l file
              Loads file in place of your .scrollzrc

       -I file
              Loads file in place of your .scrollzquick

       -L file
              Loads file in place of your .scrollzrc and expands $ expandos

       --help Show summary of options.


              The hostname to use for the DCC file transfer

       HOME   Set home directory (overrides your home directory in /etc/passwd)

              The hostname to use

              The realname to use (defaults to /etc/passwd real name field)

       IRCLIB The    path    for   ScrollZ   helpfiles/scripts/translations/docs   (defaults   to

              The nickname to use (defaults to your username)

              The path for loading files (defaults to ~/.ScrollZ:/usr/share/scrollz/script:.)

       IRCRC  The initalization file to use (defaults to ~/.scrollzrc)

              The IRC server(s) to use

              The user mode to use

              The username to use (defaults to your username)

       MAIL   Set mail file

       TERM   The terminal type to use


              The global initialization file loaded when connection to a server is established.

              The personal initialization file loaded when connection to a server is established.

              The personal initialization file loaded when connection to a server is initiated.


       The nickname is limited to 9 characters on many IRC networks.

       The server list is a whitespace-separated list of server names.

       ScrollZ does NOT have the ICB support nor the DCC  TALK  support  that  are  available  in


       This  manual page was written by Mike Markley <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux
       system (but may be used by others).  Updated for ScrollZ by Flier <> (the
       ScrollZ maintainer).

       ScrollZ home page:

       ScrollZ FTP site:


       If you find a bug in ScrollZ you should report it. But first, you should make sure that it
       really is a bug, and that it appears in the latest version of ScrollZ.

       Once you have determined that a bug actually exists, report the bug in channel #ScrollZ on
       Efnet.  If you have a fix, you are encouraged to provide that as well!

       ALL bug reports should include:

       The version number of ScrollZ
       The hardware and operating system
       The compiler used to compile
       A description of the bug behaviour
       A short script or `recipe' which exercises the bug

                                          July  11, 2001                               SCROLLZ(1)