Provided by: sdaps_1.2.1-1_amd64 bug


     sdaps — scripts for data acquisition with paper-based surveys


     sdaps [-h] project command command_args


     SDAPS is an open source (GPLv3, LPPL) optical mark recognition (OMR) program.  It is written
     in python and has an integrated workflow with both LibreOffice and LaTeX to create


     This manual page is not exhaustive. It was written by the Debian project to give users a
     quick hint on how to run sdaps and get help, but no effort was made to document the complete
     command. This is because a completely new upstream release is on its way, requiring a
     complete rewrite of the manual page as well.

     In order to get full help right now, run sdaps -h or any of the commands listed there
     without arguments.


     This manual page was written by Dominik George <> for the Debian
     distribution. Released under the same licence as SDAPS itself; see