Provided by: sendpage-server_1.0.3-1_all bug


       sendpage - listen for pages via SNPP, and send pages via modem


       sendpage [OPTIONS] [recipient ...]


       -bd Start sendpage in "daemon mode" where it will start all the Paging Central queues and
           wait for pages to be delivered.  When sendpage runs as a daemon, it must be running as
           the 'sendpage' user as specified in the file.

       -bp Display all the pages waiting in the Paging Central queues.

       -bv Try to expand the "recipient" name, using the recipient aliases specified in the
           configuration file.

       -bs Shutdown the running sendpage daemon and all its children.  If a Paging Central is in
           the middle of delivering a page, it will finish up and exit as soon as its current
           page is handled.

       -br This will send a SIGHUP to the master daemon.  When the master gets the SIGHUP, it
           will re-read its configuration file, and restart all the Paging Centrals.  It will
           wait for any busy Paging Centrals to finish before continuing.

       -bq This displays the state of the running daemons: Running or Not running.  If a pid file
           is stale (the file exists, but the process doesn't), it will mark that pid as "Stale".

       -q[R pc]
           This will send a SIGUSR1 signal to either the master daemon, or, if the Paging Central
           is specified, just that Paging Central in particular.  When the master gets a SIGUSR1,
           it will send it to each of the running Paging Centrals.  If the Paging Central is not
           busy, it will immediately start a queue run.

       -C FILE
           Read the configuration file FILE instead of the default /etc/sendpage/

       -h  Display a summary of all the available command line options.

       -d  Turn on debugging (like "debug=true" in /etc/sendpage/

       -f USER
           Show that the sent page is coming from USER.  Default is the current user.

       -m MESSAGE
           Send the given MESSAGE instead of reading text from stdin.

       -n  Do not notify the 'from' user about the status of the page.


       Sendpage can run as the delivery agent, or as a client to insert a page into the paging
       queue.  For the various command-line arguments, the idea here was to use sendmail-style
       arguments where I can, not to fully implement every option that sendmail has.  I just want
       the learning curve of sendpage to be small for people already familiar with sendmail.


           Default location for, which holds all the configuration information for
           sendpage, including Paging Central definitions, recipients, and various other

           Default directory for all the Paging Central queues and pid files.

           Default directory to keep the UUCP-style device locks.


       Kees Cook <>


       Oh, I bet this code is crawling with them.  :)  I've done my best to test this code, but
       I'm only one person.  If you find strange behavior, please let me know.


       sendpage is free software; it can be used under the terms of the GNU General Public


       perl(1), kill(1), Device::SerialPort(3), Mail::Send(3), Sendpage::KeesConf(3),
       Sendpage::KeesLog(3), Sendpage::Modem(3), Sendpage::PagingCentral(3),
       Sendpage::PageQueue(3), Sendpage::Page(3), Sendpage::Recipient(3), Sendpage::Queue(3)