Provided by: ncbi-tools-x11_6.1.20170106-6_amd64 bug


       Psequin - submit sequences to Genbank, EMBL, and DDBJ


       Psequin  [-b] [-bse] [-e] [-f filename] [-gc] [-h] [-oldaln] [-oldasn] [-oldgph] [-oldseq]
       [-oldsource] [-s] [-w] [-x]


       Psequin is a program designed to aid in the submission of sequences to the GenBank,  EMBL,
       and  DDBJ  sequence  databases.  It  was  written at the National Center for Biotechnology
       Information, part of the National Library  of  Medicine  at  the  National  Institutes  of

       Psequin  can  assemble the essential elements of a GenBank record from simple FASTA-format
       text files. For example, the program obtains the proper  genetic  code  from  an  organism
       name,  and  automatically  determines coding region intervals by back-translation from the
       protein sequence. An on-line help window scrolls to the  appropriate  place  as  the  user
       moves  between and within data entry forms, giving relevant details on what information is

       Psequin also contains a number of built-in validation  functions  for  quality  assurance.
       Features  such  as splice sites and coding region translations are checked for accuracy or
       internal consistency. Double-clicking on an error message launches an  appropriate  editor
       by which the user can correct any problems.

       Psequin  provides  live,  clickable views of the data in a variety of formats, including a
       report form, GenBank flatfile, EMBL flatfile, and a graphical view. Double clicking on  an
       item  in  any  of these formats launches an editor for that item. The editor is capable of
       maintaining correct feature table positions as the underlying sequence is edited.  It  can
       display  features  on  the  sequence  during  editing,  and allows feature intervals to be
       adjusted by direct manipulation.


       -b     Bioseq-set mode

       -bse   binseqentry mode

       -e     Entrez mode

       -f filename
              read from filename

       -gc    genome center mode

       -h     turn off automatic help

              use old alignment reader

              leave as old ASN.1

              use old graphic view

              use old sequence view

              use old flat-file source format

       -s     subtool mode

       -w     workbench mode

       -x     read from standard input


       The National Center for Biotechnology Information.


       asnmacro(1), sbtedit(1), tbl2asn(1), /usr/share/doc/ncbi-tools-x11/sequin.htm,