Provided by: sf3convert_20180325-1_amd64 bug


     sf3convert — SoundFont conversion utility


     sf3convert [-cdsxz] [-a ampl] [-p pres] [-S number] [-q qual] infile [outfile]


     The sf3convert utility converts an SF2 format SoundFont; it can compress it into SF3, encode
     as C for embedding into a binary, or as XML.

     The options are as follows:

     -a ampl
          Set the pre-compression amplification to ampl (default -1.0) dB.

     -c   Output C code.

     -d   Dump presets.

     -p pres
          Append pres to the list of presets.

     -q qual
          Set the Vorbis quality to qual (default 0.3).

     -S number
          Use number as the OGG stream serial number instead of a time-based random one.

     -s   Create a small soundfont (one instrument/preset), pan to 0.

     -x   Output XML.

     -z   Compress the soundfont.

     The -c, -d and -z options are mutually exclusive.  XML output needs -z but does not seem to


     Raising the quality to 0.6 might be necessary to avoid artifacts; this however increases the
     size of the generated SF3 by about a third (to about fifteen percent of the SF2 size).

     There is no formal specification of the SF3 format yet.  Differences:

     ·   The samples' waveform data is stored using the OGG container format with the Vorbis
         codec.  (Other codecs supporting the OGG container could be used, but the current code
         uses OGG Vorbis.)

     ·   Loop start and end are stored based on the beginning of the corresponding sample, not
         based on the beginning of the smpl chunk.

     ·   24-bit mode is disabled.

     ·   Sample links are removed.

     Note that this list is incomplete.