Provided by: sgmlspl_1.03ii-36_all bug


       sgmlspl - a simple post-processor for onsgmls/nsgmls


       sgmlspl spec file


       sgmlspl  is a sample application to convert SGML documents to other formats by providing a
       specification file detailing exactly how to handle each  element,  external  data  entity,
       subdocument entity, CDATA string, record end, SDATA string, and processing instruction.

       To  use  sgmlspl,  prepare a specification file containing regular perl5 code. If the SGML
       document were named doc.sgml, the sgmlspl specification file were named,, and  the
       name  of  the  new  file were doc.latex, then use the following command in a Unix shell to
       convert the SGML document:

       onsgmls doc.sgml | sgmlspl > doc.latex

       sgmlspl will pass any additional arguments on to the specification file,  which  can  then
       process them in the regular perl5 fashion.


              sgmlspl documentation in HTML format

              SGMLS documentation in HTML format



       Ardo van Rangelrooij <>