Provided by: shapetools_1.4pl6-14_amd64 bug


       shape_depend - shapeTools RMS determine source-include dependencies


       shape depend [VERSIONS=<selection_rule>] [variants]


       The  shape  release  management  system  requires  for  each  node  system  a  file  named
       Dependencies, listing the source-derived dependencies of the node components. shape depend
       automatically  determines these dependencies and creates an appropriate Dependencies file.
       The dependencies have  the  form  of  regular  Makefile  target-dependents  lines  without
       associated build action.

           Note:  shape  depend  only  works  for development of C programs.  It additionally
           requires a C compiler supporting the -M (generate Makefile  dependencies)  option.
           If  this  is not the case in your development project, you must either rewrite the
           action associated  with  the  depend  target  (in  $(SHAPELIBPATH)/stdtargets)  or
           maintain the Dependencies files manually.

       The  VERSIONS macro defines the version selection rule to be used. Default is most_recent.
       See shape_stdrul(7) or the $(SHAPELIBPATH)/stdrules file for other possible settings.  You
       may also use self defined version selection rules as VERSIONS rule.

       If  your  development  environment  contains  variant  definitions,  in especially variant
       definitions that modify the list of source components to be used during a build operation,
       you  may  also  need  to  specify one or more variants to be set. The project wide variant
       raster is defined in $(SHAPELIBPATH)/stdvar. Check  this  file  and  the  default  variant
       settings in your Shapefile before invoking shape depend.


       Regeneration  of the Dependencies file due to structural changes of the node system has to
       be triggered manually. Shape RMS doesn't recognize such changes.

       Variant specific Dependencies files (necessary when simultaneousky developing structurally
       different  variants) are not supported. In this case you have to run shape depend prior to
       each build action.




       shape_RMS (1)