Provided by: shapetools_1.4pl6-14_amd64 bug


       shape_tar - shapeTools RMS bundle up subsystem in a tar or shar archive


        shape tar[VERSIONS=<version_selection_rule>] [ARCHIVE=<filename>]

       shape shar[VERSIONS=<version_selection_rule>] [ARCHIVE=<filename>]


       Shape  tar  and shape shar create a tar or a shar archive containing all source components
       of the current node in the system tree. All source components  listed  in  the  COMPONENTS
       macro in the Makefile and the release identification file (VERSIONFILE) are written to the
       archive.  Components of subsystems are not included in the archive file.

       The VERSIONS macro may be set to specify a version selection  rule  to  be  active  during
       archive  file  creation. Default is most_recent, selecting the most recent version of each
       component.  See  shape_stdrul(7)  or  the  $(SHAPELIBPATH)/stdrules  for  other   possible
       settings. You may also use self defined version selection rules as VERSIONS.

       ARCHIVE  is  the  base  name  of the file where the output shall be written to. Default is
       $(SUBSYSTEMNAME). The output file gets the filename extension .tar  (resp.  .shar).   When
       ARCHIVE=- is given, data will be written to standard output.


       shape_RMS(1), shape_stdrul(7)