Provided by: sidplay-base_1.0.9-7build1_amd64 bug


       sid2wav - output wav files out of sid files


       sid2wav [-commands] <datafile>|- [outputfile]


       Sid2wav  is a synthetic waveform generator from sid files, named after the Sound Interface
       Chip found in Commodore 64 personal computers. With this tool, one can 'convert' sid files
       to  wav  ones  that  popular music players like XMMS can play. Note that you don't have to
       convert sid files just to listen them, sidplay can play it for you just as it would  sound
       on  a real C64. Also, XMMS has an input plugin to play sid files directly. The use is that
       you may convert sid tunes to wav and later to any compressed format like Ogg  or  MP3  for
       users lacking sidplay. Other use would be to convert files to wav for audio CD creation.


       -h     gives help on usage.

              set frequency in Hz (default: 44100).

       -16    16-bit (default: 8-bit)

       -s     stereo (default: mono).

       -ss    enable stereo surround.

       -u     au output (8000Hz mono 8-bit u-law).

              set song number (default: preset).

       -a     improve PlaySID compatibility (not recommended).

       -a2    transparent ROM memory mode (overrides -a).

       -n     enable NTSC-clock speed for VBI tunes (not recommended).

       -nf    no SID filter emulation.

       -ns    MOS 8580 waveforms (default: MOS 6581).

              mute voices out of 1,2,3,4 (default: none).  Example: -m13 (voices 1 and 3 off).

              set seconds to play (default: 60).

              skip first <num> seconds into the song (default: 0).

              fade-in time in seconds (default: 0).

              fade-out time in seconds (default: 2).


       sidplay(1), xmms (1).


       Michael Schwendt <>
       Adam Lorentzon   <>

       This  manpage  was  written  for  the  Debian GNU/Linux system by Laszlo 'GCS' Boszormenyi
       <> (but may be used by others).