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       sidplay      — Music player and C64 SID chip emulator


       sidplay       options        datafile  |-


       Sidplayer is a music player program that emulates the the Sound Interface Device chip (MOS
       6581, commonly called SID) and the Micro Processor Unit (MOS 6510), allowing you  to  play
       music files written for Commodore 64 on a modern computer.

       All you need is audio hardware with average PCM waveform playback capabilities. A fast CPU
       and a 16-bit sound card are recommended for better performance and slightly  better  audio


       -h, --help
                 show summary of options

       -v        verbose output

       -f num    set frequency in Hz (default: 22050)

       -o num    set song number (default: preset)

       -a        strict PlaySID song compatibility (deprecated!)

       -a2       bank switching mode (overrides -a)

       -16       enable 16-bit sample mixing

       -s        enable stereo playback

       -ss       enable stereo surround

       -pc       enable centered auto-panning (stereo only)

       -n        set NTSC clock speed (default: PAL)

       -nf       no SID filter emulation

       -ns       MOS 8580 waveforms (default: MOS 6581)

       -c        force song speed = clock speed (PAL/NTSC)

       -t num    set play time in [[h:]m:]s format

       -bn num   set number of audio buffer fragments to use

       -bs num   set size 2 num of audio buffer fragments

       -b num    set sample buffer size


       xsidplay (1).


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