Provided by: silkaj_0.6.5-1_all bug


       silkaj, - Duniter


       silkaj [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


              Show the version and exit.

       -p, --peer TEXT
              Default  endpoint  will  reach  Ğ1 currency with `` endpoint.
              Custom endpoint can be specified with `-p` option followed by <domain>:<port>

       -gt, --gtest
               ĞTest: `` endpoint

              Scrypt authentication: default method

       --nrp TEXT
              Scrypt parameters seperated by commas: defaults N,r,p: 4096,16,1

              Authentication file. Defaults to: './authfile'

       --file TEXT
              Path file specification with '--auth-file'

              Seed authentication

              WIF and EWIF authentication methods

       --help Show this message and exit.

       about  Display informations about the programm

       amount Get amount of pubkeys

       argos  Display currency information formated for Argos or BitBar

              Generate file to store the seed of the account

       blocks Display blocks

       cert   Send certification

       diffi  List proof-of-work difficulty to generate next block

       id     Get corresponding identity or pubkey from pubkey or identity

       info   Display information about currency

              Display  Ğ1 license

       net    Display network

       tx     Send transaction

       usage  Display usage

       wot    Display received and sent certifications of an id