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       simgrid_update_xml - updates simgrid XML files to latest version


       simgrid_update_xml xml_file


       simgrid_update_xml updates the simgrid XML file passed as argument.  The file is modified
       in place, without any kind of backup. You may want to save a copy before running the

       In SimGrid XML files, the standard version is indicated in the version attribute of the
       platform tag. Current version is 4. Here is a list of major changes in each version.

       Version 0: Used before SimGrid 3.3
       Version 1: Introduced in SimGrid 3.3
           ·   The version attribute of platform were added to allow file versioning.

           ·   The link bandwidth changed from Mb/s to b/s; and the CPU power were changed from
               MFlop/s to Flop/s

       Version 2: Introduced in SimGrid 3.4
           ·   Several tags were renamed:

                 CPU -> HOST
                 NETWORK_LINK -> LINK
                 ROUTE_ELEMENT ->  LINK_CTN

       Version 3: Introduced in SimGrid 3.5
           ·   The AS tag were introduced. Every platform should now contain an englobing AS tag.

           ·   Routes are now symmetric by default.

           ·   Several tags were renamed (for sake of XML sanity):

                 LINK:CTN -> LINK_CTN

       Version 4: Introduced in SimGrid 3.13
           ·   Rename the attributes describing the amount of flop that a host / peer / cluster /
               cabinet can deliver per second.

                 <host power=...> -> <host speed=...>

           ·   In <trace_connect>, attribute kind="POWER" is now kind="SPEED".

           ·   The DOCTYPE points to the right URL:

           ·   Units are now mandatory in attributes. USE THE SCRIPT TO
               CONVERT THIS

                    - speed. Old default: 'f' or 'flops'. Also defined:
                       'Yf',         'Zf',         'Ef',       'Pf',        'Tf',        'Gf',        'Mf',        'kf'
                       'yottaflops', 'zettaflops', 'exaflops', 'petaflops', 'teraflops', 'gigaflops', 'megaflops', 'kiloflops'

                    - bandwidth. Old default: 'Bps' bytes per second (or 'bps' but 1 Bps = 8 bps)
                      Also defined in bytes: 'TiBps', 'GiBps', 'MiBps', 'KiBps', 'TBps', 'GBps', 'MBps', 'kBps', 'Bps'
                      And the same in bits:  'Tibps', 'Gibps', 'Mibps', 'Kibps', 'Tbps', 'Gbps', 'Mbps', 'kbps', 'bps'

                    - latency. Old default: 's' second. Also defined:
                      'w' week, 'd' day, 'h' hour, 'm' minute, 'ms' millisecond, 'us' microsecond, 'ns' nanosecond, 'ps' picosecond

       Version 4.1: Introduced in SimGrid 3.16 (this is the current version)
           ·   Rename a few tags, but in a backward-compatible manner: the old names are still

                 AS            -> zone
                 ASroute       -> zoneRoute
                 bypassAsRoute -> bypassZoneRoute
                 process       -> actor

       Other backward-compatible changes (old syntax is still accepted) for which we did not bump
       the DTD version:
           ·   Rename the FULLDUPLEX sharing into SPLITDUPLEX.


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       Copyright (c) 2006-2018. The SimGrid Team. All rights reserved.

       This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       GNU LGPL (v2.1) license.