Provided by: siril_0.9.10-2_amd64 bug


       siril - image processing tool for astronomy and others


       siril  [-i  conf_file]  [-f]  [-v]  [-h]  [-p]  [-d  working_directory]  [-s  script_file]


       Siril is an image processing tool specially tailored for noise reduction and improving the
       signal/noise ratio of an image from multiple captures, as required in astronomy. Siril can
       align, stack and enhance pictures from various file formats, even image sequences  (movies
       and SER files).


       -i     Starts Siril with configuration file which path is given in conf_file

       -f     (or  --format) Prints all supported image input formats, depending on the libraries
              detected at compile-time

       -v     (or --version) Prints program name and version and exits

       -h     (or --help) Short usage help

       -p     Start siril without the graphical user interface and use the named pipes to  accept
              commands  and  print logs and status information. On POSIX systems, the named pipes
              are created in /tmp/ and /tmp/siril_commands.out

       -d     (or --directory) Setting argument in cwd

       -s     Start siril without the graphical user interface and run a script instead.  Scripts
              are  text  files  that  contain  a list of commands to be executed sequentially. In
              these files, lines starting with a # are considered as comments.

              Open an image or sequence file right after start-up


              User preferences. Overridden by the -i option.
              The stylesheet used to change colours of the  graphical  user  interface.  This  is
              useful  for  personalisation  or  if a GTK theme is incompatible with some coloured
              elements of Siril.


       A list of bugs is maintained  in  a  mantisbt  bug  tracker,  available  at  https://free-


       Vincent Hourdin <debian-siril at> Cyril Richard <cyril at>