Provided by: wcstools_3.9.5-3_amd64 bug


       skycoor - Convert coordinates


       skycoor [-bdgjv] [-n ndec] ra1 dec1 sys1 ... ran decn sysn
       skycoor [-vbjg] [-n ndec] @listfile


       skycoor  converts  coordinates  between the J2000, B1950, and galactic coordinate systems,
       rounding to a specified number of decimal places and printing in degrees  or  hh:mm:ss.sss
       dd:mm:ss.sss.   Input  coordinates  may  also  be in either format, and the system (J2000,
       B1950, or galactic) may be in upper or lower case.  No  spaces  are  allowed  within   the
       individual coordinates


       -b     B1950 (FK4) output

       -d     RA and Dec output in degrees

       -e     Ecliptic longitude and latitude output

       -g     Galactic longitude and latitude output

       -i r|d|
              Input units (r=radians, d=degrees, else hh:mm:sss dd:mm:sss)

       -j     J2000 (FK5) output

       -n <num>
              Number of decimal places in output RA seconds

       -o <num>
              Offset coordinates by this many arcseconds

       -p     RA and Dec proper motion in milliarcseconds/year

       -q     Output system, including equinox

       -r <RA> <Dec> <RA> <Dec>
              Angular separation between two RA, Dec pairs

       -s     Output ra= dec= epoch= radecsys= for sethead

       -v     Print more intermediate information

       -w     Convert RA, Dec equatorial coordinates to x,y,z

       -x     Convert x,y,z equatorial coordinates to RA, Dec

       -y <epoch>
              Epoch of coordinates in years


       Jessica Mink, SAO (