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       SkyView - Image generation from a range of remote databases


       skyview Survey=arg [key=arg ...]


       SkyView  provides  users  with  a  local  SkyView system on their own machines.  Users can
       generate FITS, GIF, JPEG, ...  images  from  major  surveys  in  any  requested  geometry,
       resample  and mosaic their own data, overlay grids and catalog positions, and create their
       own surveys.


       Keys are not case sensitive but values may be. Values specifying more than one value use a
       comma as a separator.   Valid keys include:

       Survey A  survey  for  which  an  image  is requested (e.g, WENSS, DSS) (Required, with no
              default.) To request multiple surveys, separate them by commas.  Survey  names  are
              not  case  sensitive.   The  'user'  survey  references  data given in the UserFile

              A list of one or more files from  which  settings  are  read.   File  settings  are
              processed after argument settings.

   Keys that define the geometry of the output image.
              The  longitude  and  latitude  of  the  center  of the image.  This may be given as
              coordinates or as a target name [No default]

       Lon    The decimal longitude of the center of the image [No default]

       Lat    The decimal latitude of the center of the image [No default]

       Either Position or Lon and Lat must be specified.

              A string giving the coordinate system and  epoch  (if  required)   used,  e.g.,  J,
              J2000, B1950, ICRS, Gal, H2010.438 [J]

              Epoch of equinox of coordinates [2000]

              The three letter FITS WCS specification of the projection. [Tan]

       Scale: The pixels scale in degrees (may be one or two values) [survey dependent]

       Size   The size of the entire image in degrees [scale*pixels]

       Generally you specify either scale or size but not both.

       Pixels The number of pixels in the image (may be one or two values) [300]

              A rotation angle in the projection plane [0]

   Keys that control optional graphical outputs
              The  format  desired  for quicklook output.  JPEG, GIF, BMP and TIFF are supported.
              If another graphic keyword is used without specifying the  format  it  defaults  to

              How  the  output  pixel intensities are to be scaled. Linear, Log, Sqrt, HistEq are
              supported [Linear]

       Min    Set all smaller pixel values to this value before scaling.

       Max    Set all larger pixel values to this value before scaling.

       RGB    Create a three color overlay

              Box smoothing for planes of RGBImages

       Invert Invert the color table response  (or  gray  scale  if  no  color  lookup  table  is

       LUT    Load  a color lookup table.  See the users guide for lists of internal color tables
              and files supplied in the JAR.  User generated color tables may also be used.

       Grid   Plot a grid of the image or specified coordinate system as an image overlay.

              Label the grid lines with the coordinate entries

              Scaling for plot symbols

              Size of plot text in points.

              Color of plot graphics

   Catalog query keys
              The names of the catalogs to be queried, or URLs that specify VOTable outputs.

              The name of a file in which to print the IDs, positions, and pixel locations of the
              catalog entries found.

              A  maximum  radius  from  the  center  of  the  image for which catalog entries are

              A qualification on a column of the returned table (e.g. vmag<10)

              When plotting catalog positions print the numeric ID of the catalog entry

   Keys that define the sampling used
              The sampling algorithm to be used.  NN, LI, Lanczos[n], Spline[n], Clip [NN]

       Ebins  Specification of sampling in energy dimension: e0,de,ne [survey dependent  for  3-d
               e0 is the starting offset of the first output bin.
               de is the width of the output bins (relative to the input).
               n  is th number of output bins.

   Keys that set characteristics of the output FITS file
       Output The output file stem [output]

              If specified the output is gzip compressed

       Float  If specified the output is 4 byte rather than 8 byte real

       NoFITS A FITS file should not be produced.

       Smooth A box size (or sizes for non-square box) for a box car smoothing.

              Create a contour map overlay

              Smoothing to be applied to survey before contouring

   Keys that set where to look for survey and store survey data.
              A directory of XML files that contain survey descriptions

              Overrides  the  name of the resource used to look for the survey manifest (normally
              included in JAR).

              A file or files giving XML descriptions of surveys

              A file (or list of files) that defines the 'User' survey.   These  are  the  actual
              survey images not survey metadata.

       Cache  A  directory  (or  comma delimited set of directories) where cached files are to be
              found.  The first cache directory is where survey files used in this  request  will
              be saved.

              Delete any survey files downloaded in this request.

   Keys that define the classes used for processing the request.
              Class that eliminates transitions at input image boundaries.

              Class that loads and finds surveys given survey names/IDs

              Class that finds images in a survey to use in a mosaic.

              Class[es] to process input images before resampling.

              Class that actually mosaics survey data to create output image.

              Class[es] that process the output image after mosaicking.

   Keys that change the behavior of the process.
       ImageJ Leave an ImageJ session running with the generated images when finished.

Available surveys (including all aliases)

         0035mhz, 0408mhz, 1420mhz, 1420mhz (bonn), 2mass-h
         2mass-j, 2mass-k, 2massh, 2massj, 2massk, 35mhz, 408mhz
         4850mhz, 4mass, akari n160, akari n60, akari wide-l
         akari wide-s, akari-n160, akari-n60, akari-wide-l
         akari-wide-s, akari_n160, akari_n60, akari_wide-l
         akari_wide-s, bat flux 1, bat flux 100-150, bat flux 14-20
         bat flux 150-195, bat flux 2, bat flux 20-24, bat flux 24-35
         bat flux 3, bat flux 35-50, bat flux 4, bat flux 5
         bat flux 50-75, bat flux 6, bat flux 7, bat flux 75-100
         bat flux 8, bat snr 1, bat snr 100-150, bat snr 14-195
         bat snr 14-20, bat snr 150-195, bat snr 2, bat snr 20-24
         bat snr 24-35, bat snr 3, bat snr 35-50, bat snr 4
         bat snr 5, bat snr 50-75, bat snr 6, bat snr 7, bat snr 75-100
         bat snr 8, bat snr sum, bat-flux-1, bat-flux-2, bat-flux-3
         bat-flux-4, bat-flux-5, bat-flux-6, bat-flux-7, bat-flux-8
         bat-snr-1, bat-snr-2, bat-snr-3, bat-snr-4, bat-snr-5
         bat-snr-6, bat-snr-7, bat-snr-8, bat-snr-sum, cdfs less
         cdfs: less, cgro comptel, co, co2d, cobe dirbe/aam
         cobe dirbe/zsma, cobeaam, cobezsma, comptel, digitized sky survey
         dss, dss1 blue, dss1 red, dss1b, dss1r, dss2 blue
         dss2 ir, dss2 red, dss2b, dss2ir, dss2r, dssold, ebhis
         ebhis(nhi), egret (3d), egret <100 mev, egret >100 mev
         egret(3d), egret1000, egret30, egret3d, egrethard
         egretsoft, euve 171 a, euve 405 a, euve 555 a, euve 83 a
         euve171, euve405, euve555, euve83, fermi 1, fermi 2
         fermi 3, fermi 4, fermi 5, fermi band 1, fermi band 2
         fermi band 3, fermi band 4, fermi band 5, fermi1, fermi2
         fermi3, fermi4, fermi5, first, galex far uv, galex near uv
         galexfar, galexnear, gb6, gb6 (4850mhz), gb6/pmn, geetee
         gns, goods acis fb, goods acis hb, goods acis sb, goods acs b
         goods acs i, goods acs v, goods acs z, goods herschel 100
         goods herschel 160, goods herschel 250, goods herschel 350
         goods herschel 500, goods irac 1, goods irac 2, goods irac 3
         goods irac 3.6, goods irac 4, goods irac 4.5, goods irac 5.8
         goods irac 8.0, goods isaac h, goods isaac j, goods isaac ks
         goods mips, goods n vla, goods vimos r, goods vimos u
         goods: chandra acis fb, goods: chandra acis hb, goods: chandra acis sb
         goods: herschel 100, goods: herschel 160, goods: herschel 250
         goods: herschel 350, goods: herschel 500, goods: hst acs b
         goods: hst acs i, goods: hst acs v, goods: hst acs z
         goods: hst nicmos, goods: spitzer irac 3.6, goods: spitzer irac 4.5
         goods: spitzer irac 5.8, goods: spitzer irac 8.0, goods: spitzer mips
         goods: spitzer mips 24, goods: vla north, goods: vlt isaac h
         goods: vlt isaac j, goods: vlt isaac ks, goods: vlt vimos r
         goods: vlt vimos u, goods_acs_b, goods_acs_i, goods_acs_v
         goods_acs_z, goodsacisfb, goodsacishb, goodsacissb
         goodsherschel1, goodsherschel2, goodsherschel3, goodsherschel4
         goodsherschel5, goodsirac 1, goodsirac 2, goodsirac 3
         goodsirac 4, goodsmips, goodsnicmos, goodsnvla, granat/sigma
         granat/sigma flux, granat/sigma sig, granat_sigma_flux
         granat_sigma_sig, gtee, gtee 35mhz, h-alpha, h-alpha comp
         h-alpha composite, halpha, halpha/comp, hawaii hdf b
         hawaii hdf i, hawaii hdf r, hawaii hdf u, hawaii hdf v0201
         hawaii hdf v0401, hawaii hdf z, hawaii: hdf b, hawaii: hdf i
         hawaii: hdf r, hawaii: hdf u, hawaii: hdf v0201, hawaii: hdf v0401
         hawaii: hdf z, heao 1 a-2, heao1a, hi map, hi4pi, hi4pi(nhi)
         hri, hriint, hudf: vlt isaac ks, hudfisaac, int gal 17-35 exp
         int gal 17-35 flux, int gal 17-35 sig, int gal 17-60 exp
         int gal 17-60 flux, int gal 17-60 sig, int gal 35-80 exp
         int gal 35-80 flux, int gal 35-80 sig, integral/spi gc
         integralspi_gc, intgal1735e, intgal1735f, intgal1735s
         intgal1760e, intgal1760f, intgal1760s, intgal3580e
         intgal3580f, intgal3580s, iras  100, iras  12, iras  25
         iras  60, iras 100, iras 100 micron, iras 12, iras 12 micron
         iras 25, iras 25 micron, iras 60, iras 60 micron, iras100
         iras12, iras25, iras60, iris  100, iris  12, iris  25
         iris  60, iris 100, iris 100 micron, iris 12, iris 12 micron
         iris 25, iris 25 micron, iris 60, iris 60 micron, iris100
         iris12, iris25, iris60, mell-b, mell-g, mell-r, mellinger blue
         mellinger green, mellinger red, mellinger-b, mellinger-g
         mellinger-r, n-vss, neat, neat/skymorph, nh, nvss
         planck 030, planck 044, planck 070, planck 100, planck 143
         planck 217, planck 353, planck 545, planck 857, planck-030
         planck-044, planck-070, planck-100, planck-143, planck-217
         planck-353, planck-545, planck-857, planck030, planck044
         planck070, planck100, planck143, planck217, planck353
         planck545, planck857, pmn, pspc 0.6 deg-cnt, pspc 0.6 deg-counts
         pspc 0.6 deg-exp, pspc 0.6 deg-expos, pspc 0.6 deg-int
         pspc 0.6 deg-inten, pspc 1.0 deg-cnt, pspc 1.0 deg-counts
         pspc 1.0 deg-exp, pspc 1.0 deg-expos, pspc 1.0 deg-int
         pspc 1.0 deg-inten, pspc 2.0 deg-cnt, pspc 2.0 deg-counts
         pspc 2.0 deg-exp, pspc 2.0 deg-expos, pspc 2.0 deg-int
         pspc 2.0 deg-inten, pspc0.6cnt, pspc0.6exp, pspc0.6int
         pspc1cnt, pspc1exp, pspc1int, pspc2cnt, pspc2exp, pspc2int
         rass, rass background 1, rass background 2, rass background 3
         rass background 4, rass background 5, rass background 6
         rass background 7, rass broad, rass hard, rass soft
         rass-cnt broad, rass-cnt hard, rass-cnt soft, rass-int broad
         rass-int hard, rass-int soft, rass3bb, rass3hb, rass3sb
         rassback1, rassback2, rassback3, rassback4, rassback5
         rassback6, rassback7, rassbb, rassbbc, rassbbi, rassbck1
         rassbck2, rassbck3, rassbck4, rassbck5, rassbck6, rassbck7
         rasscnt bb, rasscnt hb, rasscnt sb, rasshb, rasshbc
         rasshbi, rassint bb, rassint hb, rassint sb, rasssb
         rasssbc, rasssbi, rosat wfc f1, rosat wfc f2, rxte allsky 3-20kev
         rxte allsky 3-20kev flux, rxte allsky 3-20kev sig
         rxte allsky 3-8kev, rxte allsky 3-8kev flux, rxte allsky 3-8kev sig
         rxte allsky 8-20kev, rxte allsky 8-20kev flux, rxte allsky 8-20kev sig
         rxte3_20k_flux, rxte3_20k_sig, rxte3_8k_flux, rxte3_8k_sig
         rxte8_20k_flux, rxte8_20k_sig, sdss g, sdss i, sdss r
         sdss u, sdss z, sdssdr7 g, sdssdr7 i, sdssdr7 r, sdssdr7 u
         sdssdr7 z, sdssdr7g, sdssdr7i, sdssdr7r, sdssdr7u
         sdssdr7z, sdssg, sdssi, sdssr, sdssu, sdssz, sfd 100 micron
         sfd 100m, sfd dust, sfd dust map, sfd100m, sfddust
         shassa c, shassa cc, shassa h, shassa sm, shassa-c
         shassa-cc, shassa-h, shassa-sm, shassa_c, shassa_cc
         shassa_h, shassa_sm, stripe 82 vla, stripe82vla, sumss
         sumss 843 mhz, tgss, tgss adr1, tgss_adr1, ukidss h
         ukidss j, ukidss k, ukidss y, ukidss-h, ukidss-j, ukidss-k
         ukidss-y, ukidssh, ukidssj, ukidssk, ukidssy, vla first (1.4 ghz)
         vlss, vlssr, w-nss, wenss, wfcf1, wfcf2, wise 12, wise 22
         wise 3.4, wise 4.6, wise w1, wise w2, wise w3, wise w4
         wise12, wise22, wise3.4, wise4.6, wisew1, wisew2, wisew3
         wisew4, wmap, wmap ilc, wmap k, wmap ka, wmap q, wmap v
         wmap w, wmap-k, wmap-ka, wmap-q, wmap-v, wmap-w, wmapilc
         wmapk, wmapka, wmapq, wmapv, wmapw

                                           17 Dec 2016                                 SKYVIEW(1)