Provided by: slowmovideo_0.5+git20190116-1_amd64 bug


       slowmoUI - create slow-motion videos from your footage




       This manual page documents briefly the slowmoUI commands.

       slowmoUI  is  a  program  that  creates slow-motion videos from your footage.  It does not
       simply make your videos play at 0.01 x speed. You can smoothly slow down and speed up your
       footage, optionally with motion blur.

       How  does  slow  motion work? slowmoVideo tries to find out where pixels move in the video
       (this information is called Optical Flow), and then uses this information to calculate the
       additional frames.

       Videos  in  any  format  supported  by  ffmpeg  can be loaded. Image sequences can also be
       loaded, so, if you did a timelapse with too few frames,  slowmoVideo  may  help  as  well.
       slowmoVideo  does  not  work  with  a  constant slowdown factor but with curves that allow
       arbitrary time accelereation/deceleration/reversal.  Motion blur can be added, as much  as
       you want.



                                         January 16 2019                              slowmoUI(1)