Provided by: smtpprox_1.2-1_all bug


       smtpprox - trivial transparent SMTP proxy


       smtpprox [options] listen.addr:port talk.addr:port


       This manual page documents briefly the smtpprox command.

       smtpprox  is  a  trivial transparent SMTP proxy, an SMTP server and client combination. It
       uses its own SMTP server and client modules which are designed to expose every step of the
       protocol  dialogue  to the calling program, which provides for the greatest flexibility in
       hooking in envelope and content controls and scanning.



              The number of child  processes  to  maintain  in  the  service  pool.   Each  child
              terminates  after  servicing  a  random  number of messages between minperchild and
              [default 16]

              Minimum number of messages serviced by a child process.
              [default 100]

              Maximum number of messages serviced by a child process.
              [default 200]

              If debugtrace is specified, the prefix will have the  PID  appended  to  it  for  a
              separate  logfile  for  each  child, which will capture all the SMTP dialogues that
              child services. It looks like a snooper on the client side of the proxy.


       smtpprox was written by Bennett Todd,

       This manual page was written by Jesse Norell <>, for the Debian project  (and
       may be used by others).