Provided by: samplerate-programs_0.1.9-2_amd64 bug


       sndfile-resample - convert an audio file from one sample rate to another


       sndfile-resample -to <new sample rate> [-c <number>] <input file> <output file>
       sndfile-resample -by <amount> [-c <number>] <input file> <output file>


       sndfile-resample  converts  an  audio  file  at one sample rate to a new usually different
       sample rate. It uses libsndfile ( to read  the  input
       file  and  write the output file and uses libsamplerate ( to
       do the resampling. It works on any file format supported by libsndfile with any number  of
       channels (limited only by host memory).

       The optional -c argument allows the converter type to be chosen from the following list :

            0 : Best Sinc Interpolator
            1 : Medium Sinc Interpolator (default)
            2 : Fastest Sinc Interpolator
            3 : ZOH Interpolator
            4 : Linear Interpolator


       This manual page was written by Erik de Castro Lopo <>.

                                         October 7, 2009                      SNDFILE-RESAMPLE(1)