Provided by: sndfile-tools_1.03-7.1_amd64 bug


       sndfile-spectrogram - generate a spectrogram from an input sound file


       sndfile-spectrogram [options] <sound file> <img width> <img height> <png name>


       sndfile-spectrogram reads a single channel sound file and generates a spectrogram which is
       written to a PNG file with specified imahe height and width.

       The optional parameters allow the user to specify the dynamic  range  of  the  spectrogram
       plot  and/or  to  disable  the  darwing  of  borders,  scales,  heat  map  and title.  Run
       "sndfile-spectrogram --help" for more information.

       The input  file  is  read  using  libsndfile  (,  the
       spectrogram  is  calculated  with  the help of libfftw and the spectrogram is rendered and
       written to the output file using libcairo.


       This manual page was written by Erik de Castro Lopo <>.

                                        December 14, 2009                  SNDFILE-SPECTROGRAM(1)