Provided by: softhsm2_2.4.0-0.1_amd64 bug


       softhsm2-migrate - SoftHSM v1 migration tool


       softhsm2-migrate --db path --token label [--pin PIN --no-public-key]


       softhsm2-migrate  is a tool that can migrate SoftHSM v1 databases to PKCS#11.  The default
       HSM is SoftHSM v2, but can be used with  other  PKCS#11  libraries  by  using  the  option


       --db path
              The  SoftHSM  v1  database that is going to be migrated.  The location of the token
              database can be found in the configuration file for SoftHSM v1.

       --help, -h
              Show the help information.

       --module path
              Use another PKCS#11 library than SoftHSM.

              Do not migrate the public key.

       --pin PIN
              The PIN for the normal user.

       --serial number
              Will use the token with a matching serial number.

       --slot number
              The database will be migrated to this slot.

       --token label
              Will use the token with a matching token label.

       --version, -v
              Show the version info.


       A token database can be migrated with the following command:

              softhsm2-migrate --db /home/user/token.db --token mytoken


       Written by Rickard Bellgrim, Francis Dupont, René Post, and Roland van Rijswijk.


       softhsm2-keyconv(1), softhsm2-util(1), softhsm2.conf(5)