Provided by: libsolv-tools_0.6.35-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       solv - example package manager based on libsolv


       solv install [OPTIONS] PKG...

       solv erase [OPTIONS] PKG...

       solv list [OPTIONS] PKG...

       solv info [OPTIONS] PKG...

       solv search [OPTIONS] STRING...

       solv verify [OPTIONS] PKG...

       solv update [OPTIONS] PKG...

       solv dist-upgrade [OPTIONS] PKG...

       solv repolist [OPTIONS]


       The solv tool demos some features of the libsolv library. It is not meant to replace a
       real package manager, for example it does not cache downloaded packages.

       --root ROOTDIR
           Install packages using ROOTDIR as root of the filesystem. This also means that the
           package database of ROOTDIR will be used.

           Also get rid of no longer needed packages when erasing, like libraries that have been
           used by the erased packages.

           Force usage of the best package (normally the one with the highest version) for
           install and update operations.

           Write a testcase after dependency solving.

       The following options can be used to filter the packages. If the same option is used
       multiple times, the result is ORed together.

           Limit the packages to installed ones.

       -r REPO
           Limit the packages to the specified repository.

       --arch ARCHITECTURE
           Limit the packages to the specified package architecture.

       --type TYPE
           Limit the packages to the specified package type.


       Michael Schroeder <>