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       sortshp - sort a Shape data set


       sortshp [ infile outfile item [ascending | descending] | -v]


       sortshp  sorts a Shape data set based on a single column in ascending or descending order.
       Supports INTEGER, DOUBLE and STRING column  types.  Useful  for  prioritizing  shapes  for
       rendering and/or labeling.

       The  idea here is that if you know that you need to display a certain attribute classed by
       a certain value, it will be faster for MapServer to access that value  if  it  is  at  the
       beginning of the attribute file.


       infile The name of the .shp file

              The name of the .shp/.shx and .dbf files to create

       item   Name of the field to sort on

       ascending, descending
              Sort order (default: ascending)

       -v     Display mapserver version and build options.


       This example uses a roads file ('roads_ugl') that has a field with road classes in integer
       format ('class1').

              sortshp roads_ugl roads-sort class1 ascending

              A new Shape data set named  'roads-sort.shp'  is  created  with  shapes  sorted  in
              ascending order, according to the values in the 'class1' field.

       Figure 1: Attributes Before sortshp 2: Attributes After sortshp


       shp2img(1), shptree(1), shptreetst(1), shptreevis(1)

                                         20 February 2019                              sortshp(1)