Provided by: spatialite-bin_4.3.0-2build2_amd64 bug


       spatialite - CLI backend for SpatiaLite


       spatialite [OPTIONS] FILENAME [SQL]


       spatialite is a CLI backend for SpatiaLite.


       -bail  stop after hitting an error

       -batch force batch I/O

              set output mode to 'column'

       -cmd command
              run command before reading stdin

       -csv   set output mode to 'csv'

       -echo  print commands before execution

       -init filename
              read/process named file

              turn headers on or off

       -help  show help message

       -html  set output mode to HTML

              force interactive I/O

       -line  set output mode to 'line'

       -list  set output mode to 'list'

              enable the multiplexor VFS (if support built in)

       -nullvalue 'text'
              set text string for NULL values

       -separator 'x'
              set output field separator (|)

       -stats print memory stats before each finalize

              show SQLite version

       -vfs NAME
              use NAME as the default VFS

              enable tracing of all VFS calls (if support built in)

                                         14 January 2019                            spatialite(1)