Provided by: spatialite-bin_4.3.0-2build2_amd64 bug


       spatialite_dxf - an utility for DXF import


       spatialite_dxf [-h] [-d pathname] [-x pathname] [-s num] [-p layer_prefix] [-l layer_name]
                      [-all] [-distinct | -mixed] [-auto | -2d | -3d] [-linked | -unlinked] [-a]
                      [-m] [-jo]


       spatialite_dxf is an utility CLI tool for DXF import.


       -h, --help
              print help message

       -d pathname, --db-path pathname
              the SpatiaLite DB path

       -x pathname, --dxf-path pathname
              the input DXF path

       -s num, --srid num
              an explicit SRID value

       -p layer_prefix, --prefix layer_prefix
              prefix for DB layer names

       -l layer_name, --layer layer_name
              will import a single DXF layer

       -all, --all-layers
              will import all layers (default)

       -distinct, --distinct-layers
              respecting individual DXF layers

       -mixed, --mixed-layers
              merging layers altogether by type

              distinct|mixed are mutually exclusive; by default: distinct

       -auto, --auto_2d_3d
              2D/3D based on input geometries

       -2d, --force_2d
              unconditionally force 2D

       -3d, --force_3d
              unconditionally force 3D

              auto|2d|3d are mutually exclusive; by default: auto

       -linked, --linked-rings
              support linked polygon rings

       -unlinked, --unlinked-rings
              support unlinked polygon rings

              linked|unlinked are mutually exclusive; by default: none

       -a, --append
              appends to already exixting tables

       -m, --in-memory
              using IN-MEMORY database

       -jo, --journal-off
              unsafe (but faster) mode

                                         14 January 2019                        spatialite_dxf(1)