Provided by: spatialite-bin_4.3.0-2build2_amd64 bug


       spatialite_osm_overpass - download OSM XML via the Overpass API into a SpatiaLite DB


       spatialite_osm_overpass [-h] [-d pathname] [-minx coord] [-maxx coord] [-miny coord]
                               [-maxy coord] [-o URL] [-mode mode] [-cs num] [-m] [-jo] [-p]


       spatialite_osm_overpass is a tool for downloading OSM datasets via the Overpass API into a
       SpatiaLite DB.


       -h, --help
              show help message

       -d pathname, --db-path pathname
              the SpatiaLite DB path

       -minx coord, --bbox-minx coord
              BoundingBox - west longitude

       -miny coord, --bbox-miny coord
              BoundingBox - east longitude

       -maxx coord, --bbox-maxx coord
              BoundingBox - south longitude

       -maxy coord, --bbox-maxy coord
              BoundingBox - north longitude

       you can specify the following options as well

       -o URL, --osm-service URL
              URL of OSM Overpass service:




       -mode mode, --mode mode
              one of: RAW / MAP (default) / ROAD / RAIL

       -cs num, --cache-size num
              DB cache size (how many pages)

       -m, --in-memory
              using IN-MEMORY database

       -jo, --journal-off
              unsafe (but faster) mode

       -p, --preserve
              skipping final cleanup (preserving OSM tables)

                                         14 January 2019               spatialite_osm_overpass(1)