Provided by: sphinxbase-utils_0.8+5prealpha+1-3_amd64 bug


       sphinx_fe - Convert audio files to acoustic feature files


       sphinx_fe [ options ]...


       This program converts audio files (in either Microsoft WAV, NIST Sphere, or raw format) to
       acoustic feature files for input to batch-mode speech recognition.   The  resulting  files
       are also useful for various other things.  A list of options follows:

       Currently   the  only  kind  of  features  supported  are  MFCCs  (mel-frequency  cepstral
       coefficients).  There are numerous options which control  the  properties  of  the  output
       features.  It is VERY important that you document the specific set of flags used to create
       any given set of feature files, since this  information  is  NOT  recorded  in  the  files
       themselves,  and  any  mismatch  between  the  parameters  used  to  extract  features for
       recognition and those used to extract features for  training  will  cause  recognition  to


       Written  by  numerous people at CMU from 1994 onwards.  This manual page by David Huggins-
       Daines <>


       Copyright © 1994-2007 Carnegie Mellon University.  See the file COPYING included with this
       package for more information.

                                            2007-08-27                               SPHINX_FE(1)