Provided by: sphinxbase-utils_0.8+5prealpha+1-3_amd64 bug


       sphinx_lm_convert - Convert and manipulate language model files


       sphinx_lm_convert [ options ]...


       This  program  converts  language  model files from one format to another.  It can also be
       used to change the character encoding of the text in a language model file  and  to  force
       word strings to upper or lower case.

       -case  ´lower´ or ´upper´ - case fold to lower/upper case (NOT UNICODE AWARE)

       -debug level for debugging messages

       -help  Shows the usage of the tool

       -i     language model file (required)

       -ifmt  language model format (will guess if not specified)

              Base in which all log-likelihoods calculated

       -mmap  Use memory-mapped I/O for reading binary LM files

       -o     language model file (required)

       -ofmt  language model file (will guess if not specified)


       David Huggins-Daines <>


       Copyright  ©  2010  Carnegie  Mellon  University.  See the file COPYING included with this
       package for more information.

                                            2010-03-18                       SPHINX_LM_CONVERT(1)