Provided by: ubuntu-dev-tools_0.166_all bug


       sponsor-patch - Prepare, test-build, and sponsor an upload.


       sponsor-patch [options] bug
       sponsor-patch -h


       sponsor-patch  downloads  the  patch or Bazaar branch linked to an Ubuntu bug, applies it,
       generates a review diff, (optionally) test builds it, runs lintian(1)  and,  after  review
       and confirmation, can upload it.

       sponsor-patch  can be used for sponsoring patches, syncs and merges from Debian, SRUs, and
       creating debdiffs from patches.  If bug has multiple patches or branches linked,  it  will
       prompt  the  user to select one.  The same applies to bug tasks.  If the attached patch is
       not a debdiff, edit-patch(1) is used to apply it.

       Some obvious checks are performed, in particular:

       1.  update-maintainer(1) is run on the source package to ensure that the Maintainer  field
           meets the Ubuntu policy.

       2.  The  version  number  must  be  greater  than the current version in the archive.  The
           changes file is also correctly generated to list all changes since the current version
           in the archive.

       3.  The changelog must automatically close the sponsorship bug.

       4.  The changelog target must be valid.

       5.  The changelog timestamp is touched.

       Should  any  checks (or the build) fail, the user has an option to edit the patched source
       and try building it again.

       Unless a working directory is specified, the sources and patches will be downloaded into a
       temporary  directory  in  /tmp,  which  is  removed once the script finishes running.  The
       output of the build tool will be placed in workdir/buildresult/.

       One of --upload, --workdir, or --sponsor must be specified.


       -b, --build
              Build  the  package  with  the  specified  builder.  Note   for   pbuilder(8)   and
              cowbuilder(8) users: This assumes the common configuration, where the ARCH and DIST
              environment is read by pbuilderrc(5) to select the correct base image.

       -B BUILDER, --builder=BUILDER
              Use the specify  builder  to  build  the  package.   Supported  are  cowbuilder(8),
              cowbuilder-dist(1),  pbuilder(8),  pbuilder-dist(1), and sbuild(1).  The default is

       -e, --edit
              Launch a sub-shell to allow editing of the patched source before building.

       -h, --help
              Display a help message and exit.

       -k KEY, --key=KEY
              Specify a key ID for signing the upload.

       -l INSTANCE, --lpinstance=INSTANCE
              Use the specified instance of Launchpad (e.g. "staging"), instead of the default of

              Do not read any configuration files, or configuration from environment variables.

       -s, --sponsor
              Shortcut for sponsored uploads. Equivalent to -b -u ubuntu.

       -u DEST, --upload=DEST
              Upload to DEST with dput(1) (after confirmation).

       -U, --update
              Update the build environment before attempting to build.

       -v, --verbose
              Print more information.

       -w DIR, --workdir=DIR
              Use  the  specified working directory, creating it if necessary.  If WORKDIR is not
              specified, a temporary directory is created, which is deleted before  sponsor-patch


       All  of  the  CONFIGURATION  VARIABLES  below are also supported as environment variables.
       Variables in the environment take precedence to those in configuration files.


       The  following  variables  can  be  set  in  the  environment  or  in  ubuntu-dev-tools(5)
       configuration files.  In each case, the script-specific variable takes precedence over the
       package-wide variable.

              The default value for --builder.

              The default value for --lpinstance.

              The default value for --update.

              The default value for --workdir.

              The default value for --key.


       Test-building and sponsoring an upload of bug 1234:

              sponsor-patch -s 1234

       Performing a test build of bug 1234 in your PPA:

              sponsor-patch -u ppa:user/ppa 1234


       bzr(1),  debchange(1),  debdiff(1),  dput(1),  edit-patch(1),  lintian(1),  cowbuilder(8),
       cowbuilder-dist(1),   pbuilder(8),   pbuilder-dist(1),   sbuild(1),   ubuntu-dev-tools(5),


       sponsor-patch was written by Benjamin Drung <>, and this manual page  was
       written by Stefano Rivera <>.

       Both are released under the terms of the ISC License.