Provided by: sqlformat_0.2.4-1_all bug


       sqlformat - reformat SQL


       sqlformat [ OPTION ] ... [ FILE ] ...


       The  `sqlformat' command-line tool can be used to reformat SQL file according to specified
       options or prepare a snippet  in  in  some  programming  language  (only  Python  and  PHP
       currently supported).  Use "-" for FILE to read from stdin.


       -i CHOICE|--identifiers=FORMAT
              Change case of identifiers.  FORMAT is one of "upper", "lower", "capitalize".

       -k CHOICE|--keywords=FORMAT
              Change case of keywords.  FORMAT is one of "upper", "lower", "capitalize".

       -l CHOICE|--language=LANG
              Output a snippet in programming language LANG.  LANG can be "python", "php".

       -o FILE|--outfile=FILE
              Write output to FILE (defaults to stdout).

              Reindent statements.

              Set indent width to INDENT_WIDTH.  Default is 2 spaces.

              The  column limit for wrapping comma-separated lists. If unspecified, it puts every
              item in the list on its own line.

              Remove comments.

              Print a short help message and exit.  All subsequent options are ignored.

              Verbose output.

              Print program's version number and exit.


       This man page was written by Andriy Senkovych <>