Provided by: staden-io-lib-utils_1.14.11-6_amd64 bug


       srf_info - Lists information about the contents of an SRF file


       srf_info  [-l bitmap] srf_archive ...


       srf_info lists some simple frequency metrics on the contents of an SRF file, both in terms
       of how many traces there are and the sort of data held within them.

       For efficiencies sake some control is given over which statistics to gather  and  display.
       This is controlled by the -l level parameter. The value is the summation of one or more of
       the following values, representing the data to display.

       1      Count of good/bad reads.

       2      Counts and compressed size for selected chunk types.

       4      Trace count and trace name prefix for each trace_header.

       8      Base count.


       -l bitmap
              Controls which statistics to gather and display. Bitmap is a value  from  0  to  15
              (1+2+4+8) as described in the DESCRIPTION section above.


       To count the total number of good and bad reads along with a break down of trace names per
       SRF data-block-header we would use bitmap values 1 and 4 combined.

           srf_info -l 5 foo.srf

       To count the total number of reads for all srf files in a directory.

           srf_info -l 1 *.srf


       Steven Leonard, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

                                           September 19                               srf_info(1)