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       ssadump - a tool for displaying and interpreting the SSA form of Go programs


       ssadump [flags] args ...


       SSA builder and interpreter.

       When  -run  is specified, ssadump will find the first package that defines a main function
       and run it in the interpreter.  If none is found, the tests of each package  will  be  run


       -build Options  controlling  the  SSA builder.  The value is a sequence of zero or more of
              these letters:

              C    perform sanity [C]hecking of the SSA form.
              D    include [D]ebug info for every function.
              P    log [P]ackage inventory.
              F    log [F]unction SSA code.
              S    log [S]ource locations as SSA builder progresses.
              G    use binary object files from gc to provide imports (no code).
              L    build distinct packages seria[L]ly instead of in parallel.
              N    build [N]aive SSA form: don't replace local loads/stores with registers.

              write cpu profile to file

              Options controlling the SSA test interpreter.  The value is a sequence of  zero  or
              more more of these letters:
              R    disable [R]ecover() from panic; show interpreter crash instead.
              T    [T]race execution of the program.  Best for single-threaded programs!

       -run   Invokes the SSA interpreter on the program.


       Quickly dump SSA form of a single package:

             ssadump -build=FPG hello.go

       Interpret a program, with tracing:

             ssadump -run -interp=T hello.go

       Interpret the unicode package's tests, verbosely:

             ssadump -run unicode -- -test.v


       This manual page was written by Michael Stapelberg <>, for the Debian
       project (and may be used by others).

                                            2013-12-02                                 SSADUMP(1)