Provided by: python3-sshtunnel_0.1.4-2_all bug


       sshtunnel - SSH tunnels to remote server


       usage: sshtunnel [-h] [-U SSH_USERNAME] [-p SSH_PORT] [-P SSH_PASSWORD] -R

              IP:PORT [IP:PORT ...] [-L [IP:PORT [IP:PORT ...]]]  [-k SSH_HOST_KEY] [-K KEY_FILE]
              [-S KEY_PASSWORD] [-t] [-v] [-V] [-x IP:PORT] [-c SSH_CONFIG_FILE]  [-z]  [-n]  [-d
              [FOLDER [FOLDER ...]]]  ssh_address

       Pure python ssh tunnel utils Version 0.1.4

   positional arguments:
              SSH server IP address (GW for SSH tunnels) set with "-- ssh_address" if immediately
              after -R or -L

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -U SSH_USERNAME, --username SSH_USERNAME
              SSH server account username

       -p SSH_PORT, --server_port SSH_PORT
              SSH server TCP port (default: 22)

       -P SSH_PASSWORD, --password SSH_PASSWORD
              SSH server account password

       -R IP:PORT [IP:PORT ...], --remote_bind_address IP:PORT [IP:PORT ...]
              Remote bind address sequence: ip_1:port_1 ip_2:port_2 ... ip_n:port_n Equivalent to
              ssh  -Lxxxx:IP_ADDRESS:PORT  If  port  is  omitted,  defaults  to  22.  Example: -R

       -L [IP:PORT [IP:PORT ...]], --local_bind_address [IP:PORT [IP:PORT ...]]
              Local bind address sequence: ip_1:port_1 ip_2:port_2 ... ip_n:port_n  Elements  may
              also  be  valid  UNIX socket domains: /tmp/foo.sock /tmp/bar.sock ... /tmp/baz.sock
              Equivalent to ssh -LPORT:xxxxxxxxx:xxxx, being the local IP address  optional.   By
              default  it  will  listen  in  all  interfaces  ( and choose a random port.
              Example: -L :40000

       -k SSH_HOST_KEY, --ssh_host_key SSH_HOST_KEY
              Gateway's host key

       -K KEY_FILE, --private_key_file KEY_FILE
              RSA/DSS/ECDSA private key file

       -S KEY_PASSWORD, --private_key_password KEY_PASSWORD
              RSA/DSS/ECDSA private key password

       -t, --threaded
              Allow concurrent connections to each tunnel

       -v, --verbose
              Increase output verbosity (default: ERROR)

       -V, --version
              Show version number and quit

       -x IP:PORT, --proxy IP:PORT
              IP and port of SSH proxy to destination

              SSH configuration file, defaults to ~/.ssh/config

       -z, --compress
              Request server for compression over SSH transport

       -n, --noagent
              Disable looking for keys from an SSH agent

       -d [FOLDER [FOLDER ...]], --host_pkey_directories [FOLDER [FOLDER ...]]
              List of directories where SSH pkeys (in the format `id_*`) may be found