Provided by: simplescreenrecorder_0.3.11-1build1_amd64 bug


       ssr-glinject - Run a command while injecting the SimpleScreenRecorder GLInject library.


       ssr-glinject [OPTIONS] [--] COMMAND


       This script uses LD_PRELOAD to inject the GLInject library into the given command, so that
       SimpleScreenRecorder can record it. It should be safe to  use  this  on  all  applications
       (including  command-line  programs and shell scripts).  If the program doesn't use OpenGL,
       it should have no effect. If you find a program that crashes or behaves  incorrectly  when
       GLInject is used, please submit a bug report.


       --help Show help message.

              Enables  GLX  debugging.  This  may  reduce the performance and print lots of error
              messages, but it is useful to track down bugs.

              Uses mode 666 instead of 600 for shared memory, so that other users can record  the
              stream.  This is insecure and should not be used on a computer that can be accessed
              by other users that you don't trust.

              Channel name to use. The default is 'channel-USERNAME'.


       More documentation can be found at