Provided by: starplot_0.95.5-8.3_amd64 bug


       starplot - view 3d perspective maps of stars


       starplot [ GTK+ opts ] [ datafile1 [ datafile2 [...] ] ]


       StarPlot  is  a GTK+ based program, written in C++, that can be used interactively to view
       three-dimensional perspective charts of stars.  It  is  licensed  under  the  GNU  General
       Public License.

       Currently  StarPlot  does  not have any command-line flags other than those built into all
       GTK+ applications.  One or more data files to open can be specified at the  command  line.
       If  none  are  specified, and this is the first time using StarPlot, the program will open
       the default file, /usr/share/starplot/examples/sample.stars.  StarPlot saves its  settings
       on exit to an rc file, ~/.starplotrc.  For detailed information on how to use the program,
       see the HTML documentation.


       /usr/share/starplot/ - Contains StarPlot data files
       /usr/share/doc/starplot/ - Contains documentation
       ~/.starplotrc - Saved program settings for each user


       starconvert(1), starpkg(1)


       Copyright © 2000-2002 under the GNU GPL by Kevin B. McCarty <>.   The
       StarPlot web page is at

                                             Nov 2002                                 starplot(1)