Provided by: murasaki-common_1.68.6-8_all bug

NAME -- density plot of some given stat

SYNOPSIS <input1> [input2 ...]


       Input file should be some stat summary (like generated by default stat is:

        Other options:
       --stat|predictor|x specifies what stat to use as a predictor
       --log can apply log scale to x or y or xy axes
       --fn can specify a FN count for calculating sensitivity
       --avg enable plotting of averages
       --noavg don't plot the line for averages
       --lwd can specify line weight
       --format can specify output file format (default png)
       --pdf set format to pdf
       --cleanup forces cleanup of values (ie: removes % and reparses as numeric)
       --bw set bandwidth for density function calculation
       --n samples for density function calculation
       --denopts add extra opts for density function (separate with commas)
       --def define custom fields (input fields from other fields can be taken
           by quoting with {} (eg: --def tough={size}/{speed})