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       stda -  Simple Tools for Data Analysis (STDA)


       STDA  includes  some  primary  tools  for  data analysis. You can evaluate sums, averages,
       integrals, derivatives, histograms or probability distribution functions of 1-d data,  and
       eventually  plot  the results. The programs are stand-alone tools (supporting the standard
       UNIX input and output pipelines) intended for data processing from the  command  line.  It
       should  be  noted  that  all but one of the scripts use awk and core system utilities. For
       plotting you have to install Gnuplot (see since 'muplot' is a wrapper
       around it. In summary, the package provides utilities for straightforward analysis of data
       series where a complex analytical approach is not needed and where an  ultimate  numerical
       precision   with  floating-point  numbers  is  not  critical.  Some  general  examples  of
       application cases include evaluating usage statistics from server logfiles, determining  a
       response  time  distribution  from  a series of queries to a [remote] service, producing a
       plot from multiple data files, etc.

       This software should be considered as an open project to be extended with new command-line
       driven  utilities helpful for performing common data analysis tasks. Any contributions and
       suggestions are welcome.

       Following programs are included in the distribution:

       * maphimbu   - histogram builder for 1-d numerical and text data

       * mintegrate - average/sum/integral/derivative of 1-d numerical data

       * mmval      - find minimum and maximum value in a dataset

       * muplot     - plot a multi-curve figure from multiple dataset using Gnuplot

       * nnum       - produce a series of equally separated integers or floats

       * prefield   - prepare input file for 'muplot' to plot 2-d fields by arrows


       - Evaluate the  current  apache2  logfile  and  make  an  unique  list  of  the  hostnames
       (respectively ip-addresses) sorted by the total number of their http requests:

              maphimbu -rs2 /var/log/apache2/access.log

       -  On  a X terminal plot the probability function and the cumulative distribution function
       of a 'sin(x)' data sample:

              nnum -3.14159 3.14159 0.00001 "sin(x)" "%.17f %.7f" | maphimbu -d0.01  -x1  -ns1  |
              mintegrate -d0.01 -x1 -y3 -S | muplot lp - 1:3,4


       Copyright © 2009, 2011-2014 Dimitar Ivanov <>

       License: GNU GPL version 3 or later <>
       This  is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.  There is NO WARRANTY,
       to the extent permitted by law.