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       stilts-sqlclient - Executes SQL statements


       stilts sqlclient [db=<jdbc-url>] [user=<value>] [password=<value>] [sql=<sql>] [ofmt=<out-


       sqlclient is a simple command-line client for use with SQL  databases.  One  or  more  SQL
       statements  can  be  supplied using the sql parameter. The result of each statement may be
       one or  more  update  counts  (for  update-type  statements)  or  tables  (for  query-type
       statements).  Tables  will  be  written  to  standard output in a format given by the ofmt
       parameter. Update results and timing information will be written to standard error.

       In most cases, you will find life easier if you use either the database's own command-line
       or  GUI  client,  or,  if  you require STILTS-type format conversion or post-processing, a
       jdbc:-format URL for the in parameter of the tpipe or tcopy commands (see SUN/256 for more
       explanation  of  the latter). However, this command enables you to submit multiple queries
       over the same JDBC connection, including ones which do not generate a tabular  result.  It
       may  be  useful  if a command-line client is not available to you for the database you are

       This command can only be used if you have access to an SQL database via JDBC. The  details
       of  how  to configure a JDBC connection to a database are discussed in SUN/256 - obviously
       you will need a database to connect to and appropriate permissions on it as  well  as  the
       relevant drivers.

       This  command  is  experimental,  and  it  may be enhanced, renamed or withdrawn in future


              URL  which  defines   a   connection   to   a   database.   This   has   the   form
              jdbc:<subprotocol>:<subname>  -  the  details  are  database- and driver-dependent.
              Consult Sun's JDBC documentation and that for the particular JDBC  driver  you  are
              using  for  details.  Note  that  the relevant driver class will need to be on your
              classpath and referenced in the  jdbc.drivers  system  property  as  well  for  the
              connection to be made.

              User name for logging in to SQL database. Defaults to the current username.

              Password for logging in to SQL database.

              Text  of  an  SQL  statement  for  execution.  This  parameter  may be repeated, or
              statements may be separated by semicolon (";") characters.

              Specifies the format in which the output table will be written (one of the ones  in
              SUN/256 - matching is case-insensitive and you can use just the first few letters).
              If it has the special value "(auto)" (the default), then the output  filename  will
              be examined to try to guess what sort of file is required usually by looking at the
              extension. If it's not obvious from the filename what output format is intended, an
              error will result.



       If  the  package  stilts-doc  is installed, the full documentation SUN/256 is available in
       HTML format:


       STILTS version 3.1-5-debian

       This is the Debian version of Stilts, which lack the support  of  some  file  formats  and
       network protocols. For differences see


       Mark Taylor (Bristol University)

                                             Mar 2017                         STILTS-SQLCLIENT(1)