Provided by: storebackup_3.2.1-1_all bug

NAME - locates different versions of a file saved with


      -f file [-b root]  [-v]
                [-l [-a | [-s] [-u] [-g] [-M] [-c] [-m]]]


       --file, -f
                   file name (name in the backup, probably with suffix
                   from compression)

       --backupRoot -b
                   root of storeBackup tree, normally not needed

       --verbose, -v
                   print verbose messages

       --locateSame, -l
                   locate same file with other names

       --showAll, -A
                   same as: [-s -u -g -M -c -m]

       --size, -s
                   show size (human readable) of source file

       --uid, -u
                   show uid of source file

       --gid, -g
                   show gid of source file

       --mode, -M
                   show permissions of source file

       --ctime, -c
                   show creation time of source file

       --mtime, -m
                   show modify time of source file

       --atime, -a
                   show access time of source file

       It does not always work correctly when a file is saved blocked *and* non-blocked in
       different backups. In such cases, use option --locateSame.


       Copyright (c) 2002-2008 by Heinz-Josef Claes (see README) Published under the GNU General
       Public License v3 or any later version