Provided by: mypy_0.670-2_all bug


       stubgen - Generate draft stubs for Python modules.


       usage: stubgen [-h] [--py2] [more options, see -h]

              [-m MODULE] [-p PACKAGE] [files ...]

       Generate  draft  stubs  for  modules.  Stubs  are  generated  in directory ./out, to avoid
       overriding files with manual changes. This directory is assumed to exist.

   positional arguments:
       files  generate stubs for given files or directories

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       --py2  run in Python 2 mode (default: Python 3 mode)

              ignore errors when trying to generate stubs for modules

              don't import the modules,  just  parse  and  analyze  them  (doesn't  work  with  C
              extension modules and might not respect __all__)

              don't perform semantic analysis of sources, just parse them (only applies to Python
              modules, might affect quality of stubs)

              generate  stubs  for  objects  and  members  considered  private  (single   leading
              underscore and no trailing underscores)

       --doc-dir PATH
              use  .rst  documentation  in  PATH  (this may result in better stubs in some cases;
              consider setting this to DIR/Python-X.Y.Z/Doc/library)

       --search-path PATH
              specify module search  directories,  separated  by  ':'  (currently  only  used  if
              --no-import is given)

       --python-executable PATH
              use Python interpreter at PATH (only works for Python 2 right now)

       -o PATH, --output PATH
              change the output directory [default: out]

       -m MODULE, --module MODULE
              generate stub for module; can repeat for more modules

       -p PACKAGE, --package PACKAGE
              generate stubs for package recursively; can be repeated