Provided by: hxtools_20180301-1_amd64 bug


       stxdb — A/V file database


       stxdb [-MSWal] [-A dir] [-V volid] [-f file] [-o opt]


       The  options  may  seem  weird,  because they are flags, not commands. This means that the
       order of execution is always "Load database",  "Add  directory",  "Save  database",  "Show
       database". You just specify _which_ of these you want to run, and if it's all four.

       -A dir Directory which should be added to the database.

       -M     Mount the directory given by -A before adding.

       -S     Save the database. (Not specifying this would make for a dry run.)

       -V volid
              Tag the directory with volid in the database.

       -W     Show database.

       -a     Show only artists.

       -f file
              Use specified file as database.

       -l     Show only albums.

       -o opt Set arbitrary option.


       Examples for common operations:

       Adding a CD to the database, using -M to make stxdb mount it:

            stxdb -A /mnt -MSV "Private Collection CD #34"

       Adding a directory (w/o mount!):

            stxdb -A /bla/dir -SV "Private Collection CD #35"

       Show database:

            stxdb -W

       Rebuild database:

            stxdb -S

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