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       stxxl_tool - STXXL scratch file administration, and performance testing tool


       stxxl_tool <subtool> ...


       The  stxxl_tool is an umbrella program that houses several sub-tools for STXXL relating to
       (e.g.) scratch file manipulation and benchmarking. The behaviour of each sub-tool is given

       Size arguments will accept a string like "343KB" or "44 GiB" as their input.


              Print  out  information  about  the  build  system and which optional modules where
              compiled into STXXL.

       create_files <filesize> <filename ...>

              Pre-create large files to keep file system allocation time out to measurements.

       benchmark_disks [options] <size> [r|w] [alloc]

              Benchmark the disks configured by the  standard  .stxxl  disk  configuration  files
              mechanism.  Blocks  of  8  MiB  are written and/or read in sequence using the block
              manager. The batch size describes how many blocks are written/read  in  one  batch.
              The  are taken from block_manager using given the specified allocation strategy. If
              size == 0, then writing/reading operation are done until an error occurs.

                size    Amount of data to write/read from disks (e.g. 10GiB)
                r|w     Only read or write blocks (default: both write and read)
                alloc   Block allocation strategy: RC, SR, FR, striping. (default: RC) Options:
                -b, --batch  Number of blocks written/read in one batch (default: D * 8MiB)

       benchmark_files [options] <length> <filename ...>
              Open a file using one of STXXL's file abstractions  and  perform  write/read/verify
              tests  on the file. Block sizes and batch size can be adjusted via command line. If
              length == 0 , then operation will continue till end of  space  (please  ignore  the
              write error). Memory consumption: block_size * batch_size * num_files

                length    Length to write in file.
                filename  File path to run benchmark on.  Options:
                -o, --offset      Starting offset to write in file.
                --no-direct       open files without O_DIRECT
                --sync            open files with O_SYNC|O_DSYNC|O_RSYNC
                --resize          resize the file size after opening, needed e.g. for
                                  creating mmap files
                --block_size      block size for operations (default 8 MiB)
                --batch_size      increase (default 1) to submit several I/Os at once and
                                  report average rate
                -f, --file-type   Method to open file (syscall|mmap|wincall|boostfd|...)
                                  default: syscall
                -p, --operations  [w]rite pattern, [r]ead without verification, read and
                                  [v]erify pattern (default: 'wv')
                --pattern         32-bit pattern to write (default: block index)

              Benchmark different file access methods, e.g. syscall or mmap_files.

       benchmark_sort [options] <size>

              Run  benchmark  tests  of different sorting methods in STXXL. size is the amount of
              data to sort, in GiB

              Valid options are:
               -M, --ram  : amount of ram to use when sorting, default 256 MiB

       benchmark_disks_random <span> [block_size] [size] [i|r|w] [alloc]

              Benchmark _random_ block access on the disks configured by the standard .stxxl disk
              configuration files mechanism. Available block sizes are power of two from 4 KiB to
              128 MiB. A set of three operations can  be  performed:  sequential  initialization,
              random reading and random writing.

                span        Span of external memory to write/read to (e.g. 10GiB).
                block_size  Size of blocks to randomly write/read (default: 8MiB).
                size        Amount of data to operate on (e.g. 2GiB), default: whole span.
                i|r|w       Operations: [i]nitialize, [r]ead, and/or [w]rite (default: all).
                alloc       Block allocation strategy: RC, SR, FR, striping (default: RC).

       benchmark_pqueue  [options] [size]

              Benchmark  the priority queue implementation using a sequence of operations. The PQ
              contains pairs of 32- or 64-bit integers,  or  a  24  byte  struct.  The  operation
              sequence  is  either a simple fill/delete cycle or fill/intermixed inserts/deletes.
              Because the memory parameters of the PQ must be set a compile-time,  the  benchmark
              provides only three PQ sizes: for 256 MiB, 1 GiB and 8 GiB of RAM, with the maximum
              number of items set accordingly.

                size    Amount of data to insert (e.g. 1GiB) Options:
                -t, --type   Value type of tested priority queue:
                       1 = pair of uint32,
                       2 = pair of uint64 (default),
                       3 = 24 byte struct
                       0 = all of the above
                -p, --pq     Priority queue configuration to test:
                       1 = small (256 MiB RAM, 4 GiB elements)
                       2 = medium (1 GiB RAM, 16 GiB elements) (default)
                       3 = big (8 GiB RAM, 64 GiB elements)
                       0 = all of the above
                -o, --opseq  Operation sequence to perform:
                       1 = insert all, delete all (default)
                       2 = insert all, intermixed insert/delete
                       0 = all of the above

       mlock <size>

              Allocate some memory and mlock() it to consume physical memory.  Needs  to  run  as
              root to block more than 64 KiB in default settings.


              Show mallinfo statistics.


       stxxl  is  written  by  many  authors,  and  can  be  found  in the AUTHORS section of the
       documentation package, or on the homepage


       libstxxl Project Home :

       This manual page was written by D Haley <mycae  gmx com>, for the Debian project (and  may
       be used by others).

                                        December 16, 2013                           STXXL_TOOL(1)