Provided by: stylish-haskell_0.9.2.1-1_amd64 bug


       stylish-haskell - simple Haskell code prettifier


       stylish-haskell [-c|--config=FILE] [-v|--verbose] [-i|--inplace] [--no-utf8] [FILES]...

       stylish-haskell -d|--defaults

       stylish-haskell -?|--help

       stylish-haskell --version


       stylish-haskell performs automatic formatting on the Haskell code in the files passed on
       the command line or piped via STDIN. It outputs to STDOUT unless -i is specified.

       STDIN is assumed to be encoded UTF-8, unless the --no-utf8 option is used.

       -c, --config=FILE
           Override the default configuration file.

       -v, --verbose
           Turn on verbose output.

       -i, --inplace
           Prettify and overwrite the given files in place.

       -d, --defaults
           Dump default config and exit.

       -?, --help
           Output help text and exit.

           Output version information and exit.

           Don’t assume that STDIN is encoded UTF-8, and don’t force UTF-8 output.


       This manual page was originally written by Sean Whitton <> for the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                            2019-01-12                         STYLISH-HASKELL(1)