Provided by: node-stylus_0.54.5-1ubuntu1_all bug


       stylus - Expressive, robust, feature-rich CSS language compiler


              Usage: stylus [options] [command] [< in [> out]]

              [file|dir ...]


       help [<type>:]<prop> Opens help info at MDN for <prop> in
              your  default  browser. Optionally searches other resources of <type>: safari opera
              w3c ms caniuse quirksmode


       -i, --interactive
              Start interactive REPL

       -u, --use <path>
              Utilize the Stylus plugin at <path>

       -U, --inline
              Utilize image inlining via data URI support

       -w, --watch
              Watch file(s) for changes and re-compile

       -o, --out <dir>
              Output to <dir> when passing files

       -C, --css <src> [dest]
              Convert CSS input to Stylus

       -I, --include <path>
              Add <path> to lookup paths

       -c, --compress
              Compress CSS output

       -d, --compare
              Display input along with output

       -f, --firebug
              Emits debug infos in the generated CSS that can be used by the  FireStylus  Firebug

       -l, --line-numbers
              Emits comments in the generated CSS indicating the corresponding Stylus line

       -m, --sourcemap
              Generates a sourcemap in sourcemaps v3 format

              Inlines sourcemap with full source text in base64 format

       --sourcemap-root <url>
              "sourceRoot" property of the generated sourcemap

       --sourcemap-base <path> Base <path> from which sourcemap and all sources are relative

       -P, --prefix [prefix]
              prefix all css classes

       -p, --print
              Print out the compiled CSS

       --import <file>
              Import stylus <file>

              Include regular CSS on @import

       -D, --deps
              Display dependencies of the compiled file

              Disable caching

              Move @import and @charset to the top

       -r, --resolve-url
              Resolve relative urls inside imports

              Like --resolve-url but without file existence check

       -V, --version
              Display the version of Stylus

       -h, --help
              Display help information