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       superpose - Protein Structure Superposition


              superpose q.pdb [-s CIDQ] t1.pdb [-s CID1] ... tN.pdb [-s CIDN] [-o foo_out.pdb]

       where  q.pdb  is  the  Query  structure to which transformation applied, ti.pdb is the ith
       fixed Target structure, [-s CIDi] are optional selection strings in MMDB  convention,  and
       [-o foo_out.pdb] is optional output file specification.

       If more than one target is specified, multiple structure alignment is calculated.

       Instead of using asterisks '*' for selecting all atoms, '-all'

       may be used, such that

              superpose q.pdb -s * t.pdb -s * foo_out.pdb


              superpose q.pdb -s -all t.pdb -s -all foo_out.pdb

       are equivalent.


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