Provided by: svgtoipe_7.2.7.2-1ubuntu1_all bug


       svgtoipe - Convert a SVG file to Ipe 7 format


       svgtoipe [-h] [-c] figure.svg [figure.ipe]


       svgtoipe converts a SVG file to an XML file understood by Ipe version 7.

       If  the  output  filename is not specified, it will be derived either by replacing .ipe at
       the end of the input filename with .svg, or by appending .ipe if the input  filename  does
       not end with with .svg.

       If  either  input  or output filename is '--', then stdin, resp. stdout is used to read or
       write data.

       -h     display a short help text

       -c     operate in clipboard mode. Data is output as ipe clipboard  content.   This  allows
              pasting svg data from inkscape to ipe: (1) Copy elements Inkscape to clipboard, (2)
              run: 'xsel | ./ -c -- | xsel -i', (3) paste clipboard content into ipe.

Supported SVG Features

       The following SVG elements are  converted:  path,  image,  rect,  circle,  ellipse,  line,
       polygon, and polyline

       The   following   SVG   elements   are   converted:   group,   clipPath,   linearGradient,

       Image conversion  is  only  supported  if  python-imaging  is  available.   Text  is  only
       converted, if it has coordinates specified as attribute of the svg text element.


       Otfried Cheong Christian Kapeller